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This website is a way to share with You how beautiful our planet is.
I hope You will be inspired to explore, understand our planet and enjoy its beauty.
Preserve nature and cultural differences by limiting the power of Globalisation forces.

I also give lectures and sell photos – welcome to contact me.

Now retired, The WORLD IS MY CATWALK as a ”professional traveller” , living in Falkenberg, Sweden.
Photographing has been a hobby since I were a teenager, especially capturing the moments from
my travels around all continents and more than 170 countries.
Using SLR cameras since teenager and fullframe DSLR from 2008,
I now enjoy memorising my travels with SONYs handy highest quality fullframe mirrorless cameras.

Carpe Diem, Ulf


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4 svar på ”Welcome”

  1. Hallo Ulf,

    was great to meet youon the trip to BKK

    Please tell me your email



  2. Hello Ulf,
    where are you now? Mauritania? Mali? Burkina Faso…?
    We met us at Bubaque Island/Guinea Bissau in middle of October 2015. Sometimes later again in Bissau-City with Fatima. We hope that you’re well.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016!
    Greetings from Dresden/Germany!
    Simona, Thomas + Franziska

    P.S.: We are looking forward for your photos from the Bijagos ”Hippos” 🙂

  3. My English is not very good, but I would say a lot.
    I’m a fan of Africa explorers and you’re one of them.
    Lord wemme alf something can send a message on your page I will always respond – hugs michel Ceiba TMS
    9842010 MICHEL

    1. Hi, Mayquel
      I enjoyed our meeting. Thanks for your words, you are always welcome.
      Some 20 African countries will soon be published


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